I take a completely different approach than your traditional “motivational speaker” when I speak to groups: client-centered coaching. My program gives people just enough of a different perspective that each person gets exactly what they need when coming to listen to me speak.

Drawing on my experiences from my accident and recovery, running, coaching and racing, I deliver a conversational talk around a variety of topics and themes that fit your organization’s specific needs. When you book me to speak to your group I will develop a customized speaking program with topics that align with your organization’s needs.

Pace Yourself Perseverance Listening to Your Gut
What Motivates You? How to Handle a Setback Who Is Your Competition?
Adjusting Your Expectations Importance of Realistic Goal Setting Course Correction – Plans Must Be Flexible
When Do You Dig Deep Versus When Do You Give Up? Mental and Emotional Readiness Are Just as Important as Physical Readiness Time Management or Choice Management?

After I speak I facilitate a question and answer session in a large group format but will also do individual Q&A or breakout sessions when speaking to smaller groups.



My team building programs are highly customizable, interactive sessions designed in a consultative manner around a customer’s specific business need. I bring a fresh set of eyes, a unique perspective, and a wide array of business, athletic and personal experience.

While the traditional “motivational speaker” will come in and deliver a 45-90 minute talk, answer some questions, pass out a book, sign a few and leave, I take a different approach.  Much like training for a marathon, there are no shortcuts.

“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.”
—Galileo Galilei

That’s my job — to help you find it within yourselves and within your team.

This is a completely customizable multi-week team challenge, which can be as physical or as non-physical as
your organization’s needs dictate.
The workshop includes:• Kick-off meeting
• Presentation of the program
• Periodic updates and checkpoints
• Motivational or learning-driven communications
• Closing meeting
• After action reviewThe “after action review” is where we discuss and debrief what participants learned about themselves and their
teammates. This is where the epiphanies will occur and spur real calls to action that will change behaviors and
thought patterns.
Does Accounting think it is faster, better, stronger than IT? Do you have what it takes to out train all your co-workers and proudly sit at the top? These types of challenges are becoming more popular among corporate groups as a way to encourage healthy rivalry and teamwork while getting in better shape.

• Examples of challenge programs include:
• Mental or physical team challenge events (both on-site or virtual)
• Customizable training plans for your team
• Corporate challenge event day to prove who can train the hardest

These programs are very affordable and will be customized to fit groups of all sizes from a 10-person shop to a multi-national corporation.